Weapons on Campus

The Board of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning prohibits the possession of pistols, firearms or other weapons in any form by any person other than duly authorized law enforcement officials on its institutions’ premises or at any of its institutions or student functions off campus, regardless of whether such person possesses a valid permit to carry such pistols, firearms, or weapons. 
Employee: This generally includes faculty and staff employees who are working on paid appointments by the University. It generally excludes students or temporary employees. For specific information on who is considered an employee, contact the Human Resources Department. 
Supervisor: An employee designated by management who exercises major supervisory functions over another employee or employees. These functions include hiring, evaluating, assigning work, and disciplining employees.
Section 97-37-17-2 of the Mississippi Code makes it a felony for any person to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, any firearm on University property.
  • Section 97-37-17-2 of the Mississippi Code
  • IHL Policy