Tests and Examinations

Delta State University maintains frequent evaluation of the students’ progress throughout the semester.
Tests and Examinations
Grades in academic courses are based upon a final examination, a number of written or oral tests, and such other papers, projects or reports as the instructor may require. The teacher determines the relative values of these various measures of achievement, and the students should be advised accordingly. No final grades should be based on a single test. The instructor is responsible for the security of test questions. Although most students are honest, there is no established honor system; therefore, teacher supervision of all tests is required.
Each academic division/department is provided with equipment and materials for the duplication of tests, examinations, and other class-connected materials. Student workers should not be allowed to type, duplicate, assemble, or otherwise handle tests and examinations prior to their administration.
Final Examinations
The final examination schedule is published on DSU Online for each semester. Examinations for all academic courses that meet on two or more hours of a sequence shall be given only at the time specified on the schedule. However, when the final examination schedule poses a hardship of three or more exams on the same day, a student may individually reschedule exams with the clearance through the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Office. 
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