Over 21 Program

In an effort to promote educational opportunities for non-traditional students, DSU established and supports the Over 21 Program designed to allow adults over the age of 21 admissions under the following guidelines.
This program is designed for adults over age 21 who cannot meet the regular admission requirements for entrance to Delta State University. In most instances, these adults are not interested in a degree program but need courses for upgrading skills, meeting certification requirements, or obtaining licensing in some areas.
  • No institutional or federal financial aid is available for any student in this program until twelve (12) semester hours are completed with at least a 2.0 grade point average.
  • A student enrolled in this program will be admitted to Delta State University Continuing Education Over 21 Program as a non-traditional student.
  • Credit earned in this program will be recorded on a permanent record and will be kept in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Application of a student enrolling in this program will be processed in the Office of Admissions.
  • A student registered in this program is subject to all University regulations regarding attendance and academic standing.
  • The student who desires to continue in a degree program after completion of twelve (12) semester hours with at lease a 2.0 grade point average will then be considered a fully admitted student.
  • Until a student has earned full admission to Delta State University, transcripts will be designated “Non-Degree Student”.
  • After a student has earned full admission to the University, the credit earned in this program may be applied to a degree program provided these credits fulfill the degree program requirements.
  • A student may enroll in a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours the Fall or Spring semester. (Summer School is considered one semester.)
  • A student who is 21 years old or older, who is a high school graduate and/or has successfully completed the General Education Development Test (GED), and whose high school class has been graduated for a minimum of three years is eligible for this program. A high school transcript or GED scores must be filed with the Office of Admissions. A student should request that his high school or test center send this information to the Office of Admissions, Delta State University, P.O. Box 3154, Cleveland, MS 38733.
  • The student must demonstrate adequate preparation for the courses he plans to schedule.
  • This program will apply to off-campus courses.
  • The Office of Counseling and Testing provides services and advisement for students in the Over 21 Program.