Independent Study

Delta State University offers independent study courses to assist students in the continuation of their formal education. Students taking independent study courses for credit toward a degree at Delta State University must meet the regular admission requirements of the university. Admission to independent study does not constitute admission to Delta State University.
Delta State University allows a maximum of 24 hours independent study credit to be applied toward an undergraduate degree. However, no more than six hours of independent study can be taken during the last 30 hours.
Independent Study Course: The content parallels on campus equivalents yet provide flexibility in the structure and delivery. Each course is designed around a syllabus, study guide, textbook, lesson, and examination. Some courses may include a study guide. Qualified University faculty serve as instructors.
Independent study courses are offered primarily for students who want to continue their formal education but find it difficult to do so through regular class work on campus. Anyone who wishes to take courses not offered by Delta State University may find the courses available from another university. Peterson’s Independent Study Catalog lists the courses available by independent study through regionally accredited colleges and universities of the nation. A copy of the Catalog may be obtained by calling 1-800-338-3282.
To enroll students should complete the required application, obtain the approval of a faculty advisor and dean, and pay the indicated fee. Independent study is continuous; a student may begin at any time.
Fees for independent study courses are set by Delta State University. Contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies for current fee structure. Payment must be made in full at the time of enrollment and is payable to Delta State University. Fees are not transferable.
Prerequisites and Credits
Students are responsible for meeting all prerequisites. Any person who has the proper prerequisites for a specific course may be enrolled. Students at Delta State University who are found at a later date not having met the prerequisites may be dropped without a refund or may be denied credit.
A maximum of two independent study courses may be taken at any one time. However, it is recommended that a student complete one course and then register for the second.
Materials and Textbooks
When a student’s application for a course has been accepted, the student will receive a course syllabus, instructions for requesting examinations, and cover letters for mailing assignments. Information concerning books and materials required for courses are included in the course syllabus. Each student is responsible for securing the necessary textbook for the course. The DSU Bookstore stocks texts in the editions specified for independent study courses offered by Delta State University. Requests for textbooks should be directed to the University Bookstore, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS 38733. Phone (662) 846-4640.
Lesson Assignments
The course syllabus contains all lesson assignments. Lessons may be submitted immediately following enrollment. No more than two assignments should be submitted in any one-week period unless written permission from the course instructor is on file in the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Under no circumstances should lessons be withheld and submitted all at once. Lessons cannot be accepted by fax. Lessons should be submitted by e-mail to the instructor and Graduate and Continuing Studies unless otherwise directed in the course instructions. Assignments should be completed in sequence. No credit is allowed where there is evidence that assistance was obtained on the lessons or final examination. All questions regarding course content must be addressed by the instructor of the course.
Time Limits and Renewals
The minimum time for completion of a three-hour course is thirty (30) days from the date of registration. The minimum time for the completion of two (2) three-hour courses, taken concurrently, is forty-five (45) days from the date of registration. The maximumtime for completion of a three-hour course is one year from the date of registration.
An extension of three (3) months will be granted upon payment of a renewal fee before the original period of enrollment expires. A second extension of three (3) months will be granted upon payment of a renewal fee before the expiration of the first extension. Only two extensions are allowed.
Extensions will not be granted on courses where no lessons have been submitted. Students who do not request an extension will be withdrawn without notice at the end of the allotted time.
The total extension time for any course is six months. The maximum amount of time allowed to complete a course is 18 months from the initial enrollment date. If a student has not completed a course by the end of the 18-month period and wishes to complete the course, the student must complete an Application for Independent Study form and pay the full tuition.
Independent study courses require that the student complete proctored examinations. A final examination is required for all courses taken for credit. Examination request forms are included in each course packet. Examinations are scheduled by appointment with the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies or in any one of the approved examination centers in the state. A list of test center sites may be obtained from the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies.
Examinations will not be scheduled until the appropriate prior assignments are completed and appropriate proctor is selected. No final exam will be administered in less than one month (30 days) from the date of enrollmentStudents attempting to meet graduation, certification, or other requirements should take final examinations three weeks prior to the date the final grade is needed.
Out-of-state students must take exams under the supervision of a proctor approved by the Delta State University Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Examinations will be mailed to the approved proctor with appropriate instructions for supervising the exam process. Students must submit photo identification to the examination proctor. The student should provide adequate postage so the proctor can mail the examination to the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies.
The maximum time for an examination is three (3) hours unless stated otherwise on the exam. The Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies reserves the right to require any students to come to the Delta State University campus to write the final examination if there is doubt about the originality of the student’s work.
Final Grade Report and Transcripts
The Registrar at Delta State University records grades as courses are competed and sends a final grade report to the student. Official transcripts must be requested directly from the Office of the Registrar, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS 38733. Phone: (662) 846-4040. There is a fee for each copy. Payment should accompany requests.
A request for withdrawal must be made in writing. A student may withdraw from a course at any time prior to taking the final examination with no academic penalty for withdrawal, and a grade of “W” will be recorded.
Refund of Fees
A partial refund is allowed if no more than one month has elapsed since enrollment, and provided no lessons have been submitted. The date of enrollment is the date the course fee payment is received by Delta State University. The amount of this refund is 80 percent of the enrollment fee submitted.
Refunds are made only under the conditions previously stated and with the understanding that the student will pay the full amount of the fee if the student should ever again enroll for an independent study course. No fees will be refunded if any lessons have been submitted.