Course Enrollment

Delta State University establishes policy for enrollments in classes and programs and reserves the right to determine who is enrolled in a class and to control the presence of any person who is not enrolled in the class.
Student Enrollment in Classes
Class rosters will be available on Banner to faculty at the close of regular registration. These class rosters should be checked for accuracy and inaccuracies reported to the Registrar’s Office so that the class roll will be accurate. Students whose names do not appear on the roster should not be allowed to remain in the class without authorization from the Registrar’s Office.
Attendance by Persons not Enrolled in a Course
A non-enrolled person is not allowed in the classroom except with the expressed permission of the instructor. The instructor should ask non-enrolled persons without permission to leave.  The instructor should ask such persons to identify themselves. If the persons refuse to leave, the University police may be called. If the person is a student enrolled in the University, but not enrolled in the class, disciplinary charges may be filed.
Enrollment of Non-Degree Graduate Students
To enroll in coursework, non-degree students must have permission from the department in which the courses are offered. There is no obligation on the part of the department offering a degree program to accept coursework taken by students in non-degree status. Students enrolled as non-degree who decide to pursue a degree must make application in the office of the college or school dean.
Suspension from a degree program for academic reasons will result in an Academic HOLD being placed on that student, preventing them from enrolling in classes. The dean in the college or school in which the student wishes to take other classes may override holds.