Faculty Credentials



The Policy establishes the procedures to be followed for all faculty whose academic credentials do not demonstrate the minimum level of academic achievement as established by DSU, IHL, or accreditation entities for an academic appointment.






The credentialing process for all faculty will follow all procedures established by Delta State University, the DSU Office of Human Resources, IHL policy, state and federal laws, and guidelines of accreditation bodies.

In those cases where a potential faculty member does not have the degree(s) in the discipline to which the department wishes to appoint him/her, the department, in concert with the dean’s office, shall submit a qualifications letter that will outline the credentials of that faculty member. Such rationale will provide full explanation of how the faculty’s education, experience, and other credentials are such that the university is comfortable presenting the faculty file to any outside reviewer for accreditation and reaffirmation purposes. (See Guidelines for Qualifications Letter, Office of Academic Affairs).

The qualifications letter will be generated in the academic unit by the department/division chair or director, and reviewed by the appropriate academic dean. The letter will then be attached to the employment form (EAF) submitted to the Academic Affairs Office and will become an entry in the faculty member’s permanent file. 

For every faculty member assigned a graduate course, the credentials file (including all letters) will be available to the Graduate Council. Credentials for permanent Graduate Faculty are to be reviewed at a minimum of once every five years.  

The Responsible Office and/or the Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs 



  • Academic Council minutes, December 13, 2011
  • SACS Principles of Accreditation
  • IHL Bylaws and Policy
  • Guidelines for Qualifications Letter, Office of Academic Affairs 




Policy Effective Date:

12-13-2011 (Academic Council)

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