The Hooks Brothers Collection: A portrait of 20th Century African-American Life in Memphis, Tennessee ⋅ Back to Web Exhibits

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*Note:  The donor of this collection retains all intellectual property rights and fees for commercial use are outside of DSU domain and begin at $150 per image.

Hooks brothers Studio

The Hooks Studio

The Hooks Brothers Photography studio, begun by Henry A. Hooks Sr. and his brother Robert B. Hooks in 1907, was first located on Main then moved to 164 Beale, where it remained for over forty years. Later, the studio moved to Linden Avenue, where the Hooks School of Photography operated, and finally to 979 East McLemore in the 1970s. The studio remained in the family and operated throughout most of the 20th Century, becoming the second oldest black owned business in Memphis.  Back to Top



The Hooks Brothers Collection contains thousands of negatives and photographs which date from the the turn of the 20th Century to the early 1980s. A majority of these negatives and photographs are portraits of individuals and families. Most are unidentified. Back to Top



The collection also contains photos of many Memphis area African-American churches. Many of these are identified. Back to Top



The collection contains photos of Memphis area African-American schools. There is also a large number of class graduation portraits. Some are identified. Back to Top


Street Scenes

A smaller number of photographs of Memphis street scenes are found in the collection. These range from photographs of houses and businesses to construction photos. Some are identified. Back to Top