What Is a Hybrid Course?

Hybrid courses blend online and face-to-face (F2F) content delivery. They relegate primarily solitary learning activities to the online environment and preserve activities that require F2F access to the instructor, classmates, or campus resources for the brick-and-mortar classroom.

What Are Hybrid Course Models?

Traditional Hybrid Models

  • All students meet F2F one day per week, with the remaining instruction for the week occurring online. Note that this model decreases the number of students on campus at a time, but not the number of students in the classroom.
  • Half of the students meet F2F one day, the other half a second day, and the remaining time online each week. This format reduces the number of students in a classroom or lab at the same time.
  • One third of the students meet F2F on Mondays, another third on Wednesdays, and the final third on Fridays, with much of the course delivery being online.

Enrichment Hybrid Model

Activities that do not require F2F engagements are delivered online, with limited but strategic F2F enrichment activities or skill-development meetings over the course of the semester. Note that the entire class does not have to come to these strategic F2F meetings at the same time.

HyFlex Model

Each individual student chooses whether and when to attend class online or in person. Students choose their preferred method of learning on a daily basis; they can attend some classes online, others in the classroom. The course provides a completely online track that allows students to complete weekly course objectives without stepping foot in the classroom. Instructors can reduce the number of students in the classroom via a seat-reservation system, with preference given to students with special needs.