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University Accounting             


Kent Wyatt Hall

Fax: 662-846-4049


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Jamie Rutledge, Comptroller                           For:    Budget information
Kent Wyatt Hall 215                                            New Banner user set-up
Phone: 662-846-4021                                         General accounting
Donna Fitzgerald, Payroll Officer                For:    Bi-weekly payroll
Kent Wyatt Hall 212                                            Work-Study/RSE/GA payrolls
Phone: 662-846-4699                                         Retiree insurance payments
Katie Bradshaw, Payroll Supervisor            For:    Faculty/Staff payrolls
Kent Wyatt Hall 223                                            Direct Deposit
Phone: 662-846-4648
Russell Watkins, Accountant I                      For:    Travel advances
Kent Wyatt Hall 218                                            Checks issued/cleared
Phone: 662-846-4009                                         General accounting
Bertha Neal, Grants Accountant              For:    Grants accounting
Kent Wyatt Hall 214                                            General accounting
Phone: 662-846-4006

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