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Requisition Completion

Purchase requisitions are required for all purchases of material, equipment or services for Delta State.  Equipment and supplies should not be placed on the same requisition. The approval processes are different and require different lead time.

  • Enter a requisition into Banner as per instructions given in training sessions. Requisitions must be completed and approved before Procurement can process.
  • Requisitions that have attachments (ie quotes, order forms, receipts, etc.) must be received in Procurement before the requisition can be processed. A note to the Procurement Services office must be typed in the body of the requisition to alert them that attachments are being sent. The attachments may be faxed to Procurement referencing the requisition number.
  • Total purchases between $5,000.00 and $50,000.00 require 2 quotes. Quotes are to be of exact items, service or comparable.
  • Purchases greater than $50,000.00 are to be publicly bid.



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