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General Information

Completion of the purchasing process involves the joint effort of the Office of Procurement & Auxiliary Services, user departments, and vendors. However, the Office of Procurement Services has the final authority to conduct and conclude agreements concerning prices and conditions of sale. University commitments are made by the Office of Procurement Services in accordance with requisitioning and ordering procedures.  

To achieve the overall objectives of the Office of Procurement & Auxiliary Services, the responsibilities, authorities and controls set forth in this policy must be adhered to by all employees.  

The primary responsibility of the Office of Procurement Services is to obtain supplies, equipment, and services, with the objective that they will be available in the right quantity and quality, at the right price, from the right source, and in a timely and organized manner that will provide for essential accountability of Delta State University expenditures. This balancing of several factors is critical.

Other segments of Procurement Services’ objectives:   


A. Comply, in all respects, with all applicable laws set forth in the Mississippi Code and regulations established by the Office of Purchasing and Travel. 

B. Seek reliable alternate sources of supply to meet the university’s requirements to promote competition on the open market. 

C. Treat all prices and technical information submitted by suppliers as confidential to preserve a good business reputation and obtain competitive prices.  

D. Provide leadership in the standardization of commodities, equipment, and procedures to ensure maximum value per dollar spent.  

E. Resolve complaints on all purchased goods and services.  

F. Dispose of, to the best advantage, all material and equipment declared to be surplus or obsolete.



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