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1. Q: Is this on State Contract?
  A: Call Procurement at 846-4045 or check link under State Contract on the Procurement Services Web Site.
2. Q: Do I have to buy office supplies from the Bookstore? I can buy it so much cheaper off campus.
  A: Office supplies are on State Contract and can not be purchased from the Bookstore, only from the State Contract Vendor.
3. Q: How much can I buy before I have to get written quotes or how much before we have to advertise for bids?
  A: $5,000 to $50,000 requires two written quotes. Over $50,000 we have to bid and advertise. State law requires this.
4. Q: I have an invoice; what do I do with it?
  A: Once you have received all of the items listed on a purchase order, send the invoice with the Accounting copy of the purchase order to Accounts Payable.  If you have not received all of the items listed on that purchase order, you may want to pay for the items you have received and have been invoiced for.  To make a partial payment on a purchase order, send the invoice with a copy of the Accounting copy of the purchase order signed to Accounts Payable with the items received marked on the purchase order copy.
5. Q: Can I get a purchase order number over the phone?
  A: No, you will need to bring your completed requisition to the Procurement Coordinator and we will give you a purchase order number.
6. Q: Which form do I use? requisition, travel request, cash ticket, etc.
  A: See procedures in Purchasing Manual or call Procurement & Auxiliary Services at 662-846-4045.
7. Q: Can I pay for this and get reimbursed?
  A: Yes, but such requests should be routed through Procurement Services PRIOR to making purchase.
8. Q:  Why do we have to bid this item?
  A: State law requirement.
9 Q: Why do we have to get approval from State Purchasing?
  A: State law requirement.
10. Q: Why do we need a letter from the department for sole source items?
  A: This is a requirement by the State Purchasing Office.
11. Q: What object codes do we use? Many requisitions come in without an object code.
  A: Call Purchasing Coordinator at 662-846-4048 or call Accounting 662-846-4006.
12. Q: Why do I have to code a printer under $500 equipment?
  A: State law requirement.
13. Q: Do I have to buy calculators that are on contract?
  A: Yes, if you are purchasing the type that are on State Contract.
14. Q: Can I charge this to next year’s budget?
  A: No,institutions do not have the authority to encumber funds or charge to future budgets before they are funded by the state legislature and approved by IHL.
15. Q: Can I have this delivered directly to me?
  A: No, you need to go through Receiving for control purposes UNLESS it is a special delivery item.
16. Q: Can I get the purchase order today and go pick up the item?
  A: Yes, if you get the requisition to the Purchasing Coordinator before 2:00 p.m.
17. Q: Can I fax my requisition to the vendor?
  A: No, the requisition is not to be used as a purchase order.
18. Q: Will you fax the purchase order for me?
  A: Only if an emergency. The department is more than welcome to pick the original purchase order up and fax it themselves.
19. Q: Why can’t I split orders when it’s for two different items or jobs?
  A: State law will not allow it.
20. Q: How can I buy answering machines, telephones, etc?

A: Get prior approval from Telecommunications and submit on a requisition to Procurement Services.




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