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Posting and Hiring Process for Faculty Positions

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Delta State University

Posting Procedures and Hiring Process for Faculty Positions


Listed below are instructions for posting a position and completing paperwork to get your new faculty member on payroll. Please read through these steps along with the Recruitment Budget Guidelines before beginning your recruitment process. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 4035.

In order to comply with DSU policy all candidates must formally apply for the position for which they are being considered.  Applicants will not be considered without an online application.  To formally apply, the applicant must submit application materials to the Office of Human Resources online employment application site:  https://deltastate.peopleadmin.com.   They can also access the site at Jobs@DSU.

  1. Departments are responsible for creating the Position Approval Request by posting their position through the DSU Online PeopleAdmin Employment Site.  This is done by the Hiring Manager accessing and posting their position using the guidelines stated in the PeopleAdmin User Guide.
  2. The Hiring Manager Site can be accessed on the Human Resources home page or at:  https://deltastate.peopleadmin.com/hr.
  3. The PeopleAdmin User Guide for posting positions can be accessed at: USER GUIDE
  4. Training for the PeopleAdmin system will be held quarterly for new hiring managers.  Human Resources can be contacted for a scheduled time if needed.
  5. Positions must be posted for a minimum of 5 calendar days.  Job postings that do not include closing dates, may close at any time of the day once the minimum posting period is met and by mutual agreement between Human Resources and the hiring department.  DSU’s online application portal allows 24/7 access to DSU jobs.
  6. If the position is closed and the hiring department determines that more applications are needed, the department can contact Human Resources asking to reopen the position.
  7. If the department/division has received a sufficient amount of qualified applicants, they will begin the interview process.
  8. The department will create an Interview Budget Estimate for each on campus interview candidate and submit it to the Office of Human Resources for review and approval.  Email the budget to tyarbrough@deltastate.edu.  For the budget template please click here.
  9. Once interview candidates are determined, the hiring department/division chair will ask the appropriate college/school dean for permission to bring the candidates to campus to interview.  After reviewing the candidate’s materials, including the Faculty Certification of Credentials Form, the dean will respond to the department/division and to Human Resources.
  10. Once the interview budget and the candidates have been approved, candidates may be invited to campus for interviews.
  11. Campus interviews must include meetings with the search committee and the department/division chair, and the college/school dean.  A complete interview process also includes a presentation to students and a meeting with the Provost.  After the interviews are complete and a hiring decision has been made, the department/division chair will forward the department’s selection to the Dean for approval. Once the Dean, in consultation with the Provost, approves the candidate for hire, the candidate will be offered the position.  The template for all offer letters must be approved by the Provost and Human Resources.
  12. Once approval is given, the hiring department/division chair will send a letter of offer to the successful candidate to sign and return to the department. Notification by letters/emails will also be sent by the department to those who were interviewed, but not selected notifying them that the position has been filled. All offer letters must be approved by the Dean and Human Resources before sending them to the selected candidate.  For sample notification letters click here.
  13. The offer letter must include:
    • A request that original transcript be sent to Delta State
    • Direct the applicant to sign the offer letter indicating acceptance of the position and terms of the employment as delineated in the letter of offer
  14. Emails to applicants who were not interviewed will be automatically generated by the PeopleAdmin system when the position is filled.
  15. Background Screen Authorization will be done on all new hires.  An employment offer may be extended to an applicant prior to the completion of the background check. All offers of employment and continuing employment are contingent upon an acceptable background check and any written offer of employment must contain notice of this contingency.  Human Resources staff will coordinate the background check with an approved third-party vendor qualified to perform such work.  Departments will be responsible for the costs associated with conducting background checks on grant positions.
  16. Once the offer letter is returned to DSU, the department should send the following items to the Office of Academic Affairs:
      • Completed EAF (Employment Action Form) to initiate payroll for new employee
      • Original Offer Letter signed by candidate
      • Official Transcripts for selected candidate
      • Faculty Certification of Credentials Form
      • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
      • I-9 form with the appropriate documentation verifying citizenship or the eligibility to work within the United States.
        Each new employee is required to complete the Employment Packet.  The Office of Human Resources will send packet to employee to be filled.  An appointment to go over paperwork and benefits will be setup with new employee as soon as possible after their date of hire.

17. Keep in mind the Form I-9 must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources on or before the employee’s date of hire to ensure Human Resources will have ample time to complete the E-Verify process within 3 days of the employee’s date of hire.

Procedures Effective Date: February 27, 2014
Academic Council approved 2-27-14


The Office of Human Resources reserves the right to amend any and all of the Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines as deemed necessary.