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Mission Statement

Human Resource Management

“To contribute to Delta State University’s strategic and operating success, and enhance the quality of work for all our employees.”

Human Resource Foundation Principles

  • Understand the business environment in which we perform
  • Protect the dignity of our employees
  • Demonstrate a true service orientation
  • Pursue innovative approaches to human resource management
  • Practice teamwork and mutual support within the human resource function
  • Demonstrate principled leadership
  • Act with integrity and high ethical standards.

Human Resource Strategic Plan

  • Ensure a working environment that emphasizes open communication, respect for the individual, and a healthy balance between work, personal, and family life; and a work environment which ensures that employees derive a sense of accomplishment, contribution, and pride from their association with Delta State University.
  • Establish a culture that values individual diversity, and emphasizes developing employees and their leadership capabilities.


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