Davis Vision  


Over 60% of Americans require some form of vision correction and eyestrain is the #1 office-related health complaint. Vision insurance is offered through Davis Vision.

With Davis, you and your eligible dependents will receive comprehensive, high-quality vision care at affordable monthly rates. If you visit a participating provider and select covered vision-related materials, you will experience no additional cost beyond your co-payment. When you use a network provider, participants and dependents are eligible for the following: 



In-Network Benefits

Designer Plus Vision Plan

Frequency – Once Every:

Plan Design

Eye Health Examination inclusive of Dilation (when professional indicated)

12 Months

Spectacle Lenses

12 Months


24 Months

Contact Lens Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care

12 Months

Contact Lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses)

12 Months



Eye Health Examination


Spectacle Lenses


Contact Lens Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care


Eyeglass Benefit – Frame


Non-Collection Frame Allowance (Retail):

Up to $130
Plus a 20% discount on any overage that may apply

Davis Vision Frame Collection (in lieu of allowance)


Fashion Level


Designer Level


Premier Level

$25 copayment

Eyeglass Benefit – Spectacle Lenses


All ranges of prescriptions and sizes


Choice of glass or plastic lenses


Oversize lenses


Fashion and gradient tinting of plastic lenses


Polycarbonate lenses

$0 or $30

Scratch Protection


Ultraviolet Coating


Standard Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating


Premium AR Coating


Ultra AR Coating


Standard Progressive Lenses


Premium Progressives (Varilux, etc.)


Intermediate-Vision Lenses


Blended-Segment Lenses


High-Index Lenses


Polarized Lenses


Photochromic Glass Lenses


Plastic Photosensitive Lenses


Contact Lens Benefit


Non-Collection Contact Lenses: Materials Allowance

Up to $130
Plus a 15% discount on any overage that may apply

-    Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care Allowance – Standard Lens Types


-    Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care Allowance – Speciality Lens Types

Up to $60
Plus a 15% discount on any overage that may apply

Collection Contact Lenses (in lieu of Allowance):

-    Materials (up to 4 boxes), Evaluation, Fitting, & Follow-Up Care


Medically Necessary Contact Lenses (with prior approval)
- Materials, Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care


Out-Of-Network Benefits


Eye Examination

Up to $40


Up to $50

Single Vision Lenses

Up to $40

Bifocal Lenses

Up to $60

Trifocal Lenses

Up to $80

Lenticular Lenses

Up to $60

Elective Contact Lenses

Up to $105

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Up to $210

-        At Walmart locations, members will receive the full allowance toward Walmart’s everyday low prices. Additional discounts not applicable.

-        Collection is available at most participating independent provider offices. Collection is subject to change. All contact lenses in Collection are single vision spherical lenses.

-        Polycarbonate lenses are covered in full for dependent children, monocular patients and patients with prescriptions +/-6.00 diopters or greater


One-year eyeglass breakage warranty included


Davis Monthly Rates:

Employee Only $7.37
Employee + 1 Dependent $13.89
Employee + Family $21.66


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