Davis Vision  


Over 60% of Americans require some form of vision correction and eyestrain is the #1 office-related health complaint. Vision insurance is offered through Davis Vision.

With Davis, you and your eligible dependents will receive comprehensive, high-quality vision care at affordable monthly rates. If you visit a participating provider and select covered vision-related materials, you will experience no additional cost beyond your co-payment. When you use a network provider, participants and dependents are eligible for the following: 



In-Network Benefits

Designer Plus Vision Plan

Frequency – Once Every:

Plan Design

Eye Health Examination inclusive of Dilation (when professional indicated)

12 Months

Spectacle Lenses

12 Months


24 Months

Contact Lens Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care

12 Months

Contact Lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses)

12 Months



Eye Health Examination


Spectacle Lenses


Contact Lens Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care


Eyeglass Benefit – Frame


Non-Collection Frame Allowance (Retail):

Up to $130
Plus a 20% discount on any overage that may apply

Davis Vision Frame Collection (in lieu of allowance)


Fashion Level


Designer Level


Premier Level

$25 copayment

Eyeglass Benefit – Spectacle Lenses


All ranges of prescriptions and sizes


Choice of glass or plastic lenses


Oversize lenses


Fashion and gradient tinting of plastic lenses


Polycarbonate lenses

$0 or $30

Scratch Protection


Ultraviolet Coating


Standard Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating


Premium AR Coating


Ultra AR Coating


Standard Progressive Lenses


Premium Progressives (Varilux, etc.)


Intermediate-Vision Lenses


Blended-Segment Lenses


High-Index Lenses


Polarized Lenses


Photochromic Glass Lenses


Plastic Photosensitive Lenses


Contact Lens Benefit


Non-Collection Contact Lenses: Materials Allowance

Up to $130
Plus a 15% discount on any overage that may apply

    Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care Allowance – Standard Lens Types


    Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care Allowance – Speciality Lens Types

Up to $60
Plus a 15% discount on any overage that may apply

Collection Contact Lenses (in lieu of Allowance):

    Materials (up to 4 boxes), Evaluation, Fitting, & Follow-Up Care


Medically Necessary Contact Lenses (with prior approval)
– Materials, Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care


Out-Of-Network Benefits


Eye Examination

Up to $40


Up to $50

Single Vision Lenses

Up to $40

Bifocal Lenses

Up to $60

Trifocal Lenses

Up to $80

Lenticular Lenses

Up to $60

Elective Contact Lenses

Up to $105

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Up to $210

        At Walmart locations, members will receive the full allowance toward Walmart’s everyday low prices. Additional discounts not applicable.

        Collection is available at most participating independent provider offices. Collection is subject to change. All contact lenses in Collection are single vision spherical lenses.

        Polycarbonate lenses are covered in full for dependent children, monocular patients and patients with prescriptions +/-6.00 diopters or greater


One-year eyeglass breakage warranty included


Davis Monthly Rates:

Employee Only $7.37
Employee + 1 Dependent $13.89
Employee + Family $21.66


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