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Programs and Projects

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Facilities Management is currently working on the following projects and programs designed to reduce energy consumption on campus.

• Weather stripping doors.
• Caulking windows.
• Installing timers in outdoor lighting.
• Installing energy efficient fluorescent lamps.
• Reducing light levels in halls, stairwells, and other transient areas while ensuring there is plenty of light for safety.
• Constructing a new chiller loop system on campus.
• Fine- tuning energy controls to provide comfortable temperatures during working and class hours,

  while setting back temperatures at night and on the weekends.
• Shutting down academic and auxiliary buildings during holiday periods.
• Working with Entergy officials to manage peak electrical demand.
• Working with Building Managers on energy conservation practices in their respective buildings.
• Developing checklists for Building Managers to ensure.
• Working with the Registrar to ensure the most energy efficient assignment of classrooms, particularly in the summer.