Division of Family and Consumer Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences – Fashion Merchandising

Program Overview

  • Course study and hands-on internship experience
  • Study of the design, production, and marketing of apparel
  • Preparation for a fast-paced career
  • Minor in Business Administration and minor emphasis in Art
  • Knowledge to effectively compete in today’s job market

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Course & Internship

Coursework, assignments, a portfolio, and internship experience prepare students for the apparel and merchandising industry.

Career Opportunities

There are a wide variety of career options with a degree in fashion merchandising:

  • Fashion Director
  • Fashion Editor
  • Retail Department Manager
  • Merchandiser for a Manufacturer Buyer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales Representative


Merideth Van Namen – Interim Chair of Family & Consumer Sciences