Faculty Staff Directory

Name Phone Department
Dafang Wang dwang@deltastate.edu 662-846-4494 Math and Sciences
Carrie-Grace Washer cwasher@deltastate.edu 662-846-4315 Family & Consumer Science
Carrie-Grace Washer cwasher@deltastate.edu 662-846-4320 Family & Consumer Science
Barbara Washington bwashington@deltastate.edu 662-846-4253 Center for Community & Economic Dev
Sam Washington swashington@deltastate.edu 662-846-4239 Commercial Aviation
Timothy Watkins twatkins@deltastate.edu 662-846-4395 Teacher Education
Maria Weber mweber@deltastate.edu 662-846-4478 Math and Sciences
Vicki Webster vwebster@deltastate.edu 662-846-4423 Accountancy
Andrew Wegmann awegmann@deltastate.edu 662-846-4176 Social Science
Maia Wegmann ewegmann@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature
Jason V. Weick jweick@deltastate.edu 662-846-4240 Biological Sciences, Geospatial Information Technology
Gerald Wesley Not Available 662-846-4155 Police Department
Adarian West awest@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Jonathan Westfall jwestfall@deltastate.edu 662-846-4308 Counselor Education & Psychology
Karey Westfall kwestfall@deltastate.edu 662-846-4370 Teacher Education
Charles Westmoreland cwestmoreland@deltastate.edu 662-846--4174 Social Science
Chaqueta Weston cweston@deltastate.edu 662-846-4180 Computer Information Systems
Aaron White awhite@deltastate.edu 662-846-4020 Social Science
Helen White hwhite@deltastate.edu 662-846-3636 Custodial Services
Kent White kwhite@deltastate.edu 662-846-4760 Office of Information Technology
Ronald White rwhite@deltastate.edu 662-846-4205 Commercial Aviation
Roy Whitfield rwhitfield@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Maintenance of Grounds Horticulture
Anglo Williams amwilliams@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Glenda Williams gwilliams@deltastate.edu -474-0 Custodial Services
Glendscene Williams gwillims@deltastate.edu 662-846-4233 Accountancy
Henry Williams hcwilliams@deltastate.edu 662-846-4155 Police Department
Martha Williams mawilliams@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Michael Williams Not Available 662-846-4155 Police Department
Nigel Williams nwilliams@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Maintenance of Grounds Horticulture
Rhonda Williams rwillims@deltastate.edu 662-846-4650 Postal Services & Copy Center
Shelia Williams swilliams@deltastate.edu 662-846-4698 Student Business Services
Patricia Wilson pwilson@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Non-Bonded Residence Halls
Lamarcus Windham mwindham@deltastate.edu 662-846-4300 Football
Shelia Winters swinters@deltastate.edu 662-846-4283 Delta Center Culture and Learning
Ray Wolfe rwolfe@deltastate.edu 662-846-4760 Office of Information Technology
Clinton Wood cwood@deltastate.edu 662-846-4183 Accountancy
Susan Wood hwood@deltastate.edu 662-846-4700 Continuing Education
William Wood wwood@deltastate.edu 662-846-4180 Accountancy
Elizabeth Woodard ewoodard@deltastate.edu 662-846-4704 Foundation
Amy Woods awoods@deltastate.edu 662-846-3262 Biological Sciences
Richard Woods rwoods@deltastate.edu 662-846-4555 Health & Physical Ed & Recreation
Emily Woodward ewoodward@deltastate.edu 662-846-4155 Police Department
Bobbie Wright bwright@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Michael Zarske Not Available 228-343--6974 Student Union
Franco Zengaro fzengaro@deltastate.edu 662-846-4555 Health & Physical Ed & Recreation
Sally Zengaro szengaro@deltastate.edu 662-846-4355 Counselor Education & Psychology
Yongqin Zhang yzhang@deltastate.edu 662-846-4251 Biological Sciences
Yongqin Zhang yzhang@deltastate.edu 662-846-4251 Math and Sciences
Guozhen Zhao gzhao@deltastate.edu 662-846-4209 Management, Marketing & Bus Admin