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AHM Reza

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor Biology

Office: Walters 116D


  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University (2010)
  • M.Sc., Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh (2001)
  • B.Sc., Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh (1999)

Areas of Expertise

Wildlife Management | Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation | Prey-predator Relationship | Environmental Policy | Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity | Asian Biodiversity

Courses taught

  • BIO 100. Principles of Biology I
  • BIO 101. Principles of Biology II
  • BIO 110. Biology and Human Concerns
  • BIO 221. Introduction to Wildlife Management
  • BIO 309. Environmental Regulation
  • BIO 321. Wildlife Techniques
  • BIO 461/561. Mammalogy
  • BIO 462/562. Ornithology
  • BIO 463/563. Wildlife Habitat Management
  • BIO 492/592. Tropical Field Biology

Selected Recent Publications

  • Ghose, A., Deb, J.C., Dakwa, K.B., Ray, J.P., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2017. Amphibian Assemblages in a Tropical Forest of Bangladesh. Herpetological Journal. Vol. 27(3): 318-325.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. and Perry. G. 2015. Herpetofaunal species richness in the tropical forests of Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology. Vol. 4(2): 100-108.
  • Rahman, S.C., Reza, A.H.M.A., Dutta, R., Jenkins, C.L., and Luiselli, L. 2014. Niche partitioning and population structure of sympatric mud snakes (Homalopsidae) from Bangladesh. Herpetological Journal. 24: 123-128pp.
  • Giordano, A.J., Reza, A.H.M.A., and Feeroz, M.M. 2013. Albinism in the fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) from the Haor Basin of Bangladesh. Cat News. N58, Spring 2013: 37-38.
  • Rahman, S.C., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2013. Diet Contents of Fordonia leucobalia (Crab-eating Snake) in Bangladesh. Herpetological Review. 44(3): 522.
  • Grisham, B., Anderson, W., Navarrette, L., Reza, A.H.M.A., Skipper, B., and Strobel, B. 2011. So, You Want to Be a Graduate Student? The Wildlife Professional. 5(2): 69–71.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. 2010. Colubrid snake Lycodon zawi (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Lawachara National Park in Bangladesh. Russian Journal of Herpetology. 17(1): 75-77.
  • Barua, C., Sharma, D.K. and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2010. Le Trionyx noirâtre, La Tortue de Bostami. Nilssonia nigricans (Anderson 1875) (Ang: Black Softshell Turtle, Bostami Turtle). Chéloniens. 18: 33-38. (In French).
  • Mahony, S. and Reza, A.H.M.A. A herpetofaunal collection from the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, with two new species record for the country. Hamadryad. 32(1): 34-45.
  • Praschag, P., Hundsdorfer, A.K., Reza, A.H.M.A. and Fritz, U. 2007. Genetic evidence for wild-living Aspideretes nigricans and a molecular phylogeny of South Asian Softshell Turtles (Reptiles: Trionychidae: Aspideretes, Nilssonia). Zoologica Scripta. 36(4): 301-310.
  • Aziz, M.A., Reza, A.H.M.A., Hasan, M.K., Tonchangya, P.K., Sarker, A., Atiquzzaman, K.M., Dutta, S., Makayching, and Rahman, K.M.Z. 2007. Some notes on three species of bats of Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. ZOO’s Print Journal. 22(6): 2729-2731.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. Feeroz, M.M., Islam, M.A., and Kabir, M.M. 2003. Status and density of kingfishers (Family: Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae and Cerylidae) in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. Bangladesh Journal of Life Sciences. 15(1): 55-60.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Feeroz, M.M. and Islam, M.A. 2002. Prey species density of the Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans. Journal of Asiatic Society, Bangladesh: Science. 28(1): 35-42.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Feeroz, M.M. and Islam, M.A. 2002. Man-tiger interaction in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. Bangladesh Journal of Life Sciences. 14(1&2): 75-82.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Feeroz, M.M. and Islam, M.A. 2001. Food habits of the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Zoology 29(2): 173-179.

Recent Conference Articles

  • Brewer, H., Patterson, A., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2017. Impact of urbanization on bird nest materials in Mississippi Delta. 81st Annual Meeting of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Hattiesburg, MS. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 62(1): 79. (Best Student Oral Presentation Award)
  • Frew, C., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2017. What can affect the movement patterns of White-tailed Deer in central Mississippi. 81st Annual Meeting of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Hattiesburg, MS. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 62(1): 80. (Student Research Award)
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Gundry, S., and Clark, M. and 2016. Habitat use and seasonal food habits of Coyote (Canis latrans) in Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge, MS. 
80th Annual Meeting of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Hattiesburg, MS. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 61(1): 88.
  • Holland, T.B., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2015. Effects of human interaction of Squirrels in Mississippi River Delta. 79th Annual Meeting of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Hattiesburg, MS. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 60(1): 152.

Recent Books/ Book Chapters

  • Reza, A.H.M.A. 2014. Status, distribution and conservation of the Amphibians of Bangladesh. In: Conservation Biology of Amphibians of Asia: Status of Conservation and Decline of Amphibian: Eastern Hemisphere. (Edited by Heatwole, H. and Das, I.). Natural History Publications (Borneo), Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. ISBN: 978-983-812-154-5.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. 2010. Diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles in Bangladesh: Impact of Climate Change, Biogeography, and Conservation Management of Herpetofauna in Bangladesh. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. 208 pp. ISBN: 978-3-8433-6470-6.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. The Bangladesh Sundarbans: A haunting mangrove tigerland (Book Chapter). In: The Sundarbans Inheritance. (Edited by Sahgal, B.; Sen, S., and Grewal, B.). Sanctuary Asia, Mumbai, India. 160 pp. ISBN: 81-903171-1-3.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Islam, M.A., Feeroz, M.M., and Nishat, A. 2004. Bengal Tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Bangladesh Country Office. xii+141 pp. ISBN: 984-8574-09-3.
  • Nishat, A., Huq, S.M.I., Barua, S.P., Reza, A.H.M.A. and Khan, A.S.M. (eds.). 2002. Bio-ecological Zones of Bangladesh. IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Bangladesh Country Office. XII+ 141 pp. ISBN: 984-31-1090-0.

Dr. Reza joined Delta State in 2011

Department of Biological Sciences