Dissertation Submission to the Library


  1. Obtain the abstracting and publication instruction/agreement form
    1. Contact Emily Bell, Acquisitions & Accounting Coordinator  |  Roberts-LaForge Library  |  662-846-4445  |  ebell@deltastate.edu
  2. Make copies of your dissertation on acid-free bond paper
    1. Available at the DSU Bookstore
  3. Bind three of four copies of your dissertation
    1. There is a $15 per copy charge for binding. You may also have additional copies bound for your own use at the same price.
  4. Deliver four (4) signed copies of your dissertation to the Acquisitions & Accounting Coordinator at the Roberts-LaForge Library.
    1. One copy serves as the permanent record of your work and is placed in the University Archives.
    2. The second copy is placed in the library and is made available for others to use.
    3. The third copy is placed in the College of Education.
    4. The fourth copy remains unbound and is sent to UMI Dissertation Publishing where it will be microfilmed and the abstract will be added to Dissertation Abstracts.

The cost to submit your dissertation to UMI Dissertation Publishing is $55.

While copyright law provides for copyright privileges to reside with you immediately upon creation of your work, registration with the Library of Congress Copyright Office establishes a public record of your work and confers additional legal rights. You have the option to apply for copyright registration through UMI Dissertation Publishing / ProQuest Information and Learning Company.  The cost for this optional service is $45.

All fees associated with the submission of your dissertation must be paid at the DSU Bursar’s Office.  They will provide a receipt which should accompany the submission of your four dissertation copies to the Acquisitions & Accounting Coordinator at the Roberts-LaForge Library.

Price List Recap

  • Binding (per copy, three required) $15.00
  • Copyright Service Fee (optional) $65.00
  • UMI Publishing Service Fee (required) $55.00