Counseling Portfolio Instructions



As a requirement for admission to the doctoral program, a student must develop and submit a portfolio to the Coordinator of the Doctoral Program by the established due date. The Coordinator of the Doctoral Program will distribute the portfolio to program track faculty for their review and evaluation. Using a rubric as a guide, reviewers will evaluate the portfolio and determine a final score which will be a part of the cumulative score used to determine admission into the program. The coordinator of the Counselor Education track may schedule a structured interview (see last section Personal Structured Interview) between the applicant and program faculty to discuss the portfolio.  


The following information will serve as a guide for students in meeting this requirement.


Instructions for submission of Portfolio


1.       All portfolio materials should be submitted in a three ring binder with each component clearly labeled and delineated by some type of divider.


2.       All work should be neatly and accurately typed, double spaced using at least a 12 point font.


3.       Each section should contain a heading as well as a description of materials included in the section.


4.       The portfolio will remain confidential and will become a part of the doctoral student’s file. The candidate should make a personal copy prior to submission to the Doctoral Advisory Committee.




The portfolio contains eight sections that address pertinent issues relevant to the admission of a candidate into the doctoral program. It is designed to provide evidence of the candidate’s ability to make progress and successfully complete the doctoral program.




Section I.         Professional Resume/Vita. The professional resume/vita should be an example of the type used when applying for a professional position in school, community or mental health counseling. It should include biographical data, professional experiences and work history, and an accurate depiction of the qualities and experiences brought to the workplace. Also included in the Professional Resume/Vita section is the following: