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Association for Teacher Education (ATE)

The Association for Teacher Education is comprised of educational organizations whose memebership includes Pre-K through 12th grade educators and other interested people.  The following organizations make up ATE.

  • DSU/Mississippi Early Childhood Association (DSU/MECA)
  • Delta Reading Council/Mississippi Reading Association/International Reading Association
  • DSU/Mississippi Associaiton for Middle Level Education (DSU/MAMLE)
  • DSU/Mississippi Professional Educators (DSU/MPE)

Students of any major are invited to join the above organizations.  It is hoped that Elementary Education majors will participate in at least one, if not all, of these organizations.

  • Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The Student Advisory Council is a group of eight elected representatives of undergraduate elementary majors.  The purposes of this group are to act as a liaison between students and faculty, offer peer support through planned team building activities, and to coordinate the activities for the Association for Teacher Education (ATE).  When openings occur, students may nominate candidates for election or may self-nominate when openings occur by filling out and turning in nomination forms to the Coordinator of Elementary Education.


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DSU Mississippi Early Childhood Association (DSU/MECA)

Mississippi Early Childhood Association is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to improving the quality of care and education of young children in Mississippi.  DSU/MECA is an affiliate group.

The membership consists of persons concerned about:

  1. Providing opportunity for professional growth as an early childhood educator.
  2. Activating constructive legislation to safeguard the welfare and enhance the educational opportunities of our youngest children.
  3. Utilizing talents of parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, medical personnel, and other persons interested in young children.

Meetings are held on a regular basis each semester.  Student members may attend the state conference each fall.


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DSU Mississippi Association for Middle Level Education (DSU/MAMLE)

DSU Mississippi for Middle Level Education is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to improving education for students who are in grades 5-8.  Student members may attend the state conference each Spring.

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Delta Reading Council (An affiliate of the International Reading Association)

The Delta Reading Council is an organization dedicated to assisting local area educators in their pursuit of knowledge that will be helpful in the area of reading instruction.

The Delta Reading Council meets once each semester.  Student members may attend the state and/or international conference each school year.


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Mississippi Professional Educators (DSU/MPE)

Members in Mississippi Professional Educators provide students with the opportunity to become affiliated with dedicated educators who share the belief that teaching is a profession whose goals are best achieved through professional planning and communication.  Its goal is to make the Mississippi educational system better for its students and educators.

Student members are eligible to apply for a scholarship provided by MPE each year.  Student members may attend the annual state conference.


Information and announements concerning these organizations can be found on the bulletin board (west side) of Ewing in the third floor open area and on the bulletin board next to the Audio Visual (AV) center on the second floor.