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Joseph Garrison, Ph.D

Interim  Division Chair

 Ewing 390  846-4370  jgarrisn@deltastate.edu
Cheryl Cummins, Ed.D  Ewing 371  846-4405  ccummins@deltastate.edu
 Vicki Hartley, Ed.D  Ewing 391-C  846-4353  vhartley@deltastate.edu
 Maud Kuykendall, Ed.D  Ewing 391-E   846-4387  mkuykn@deltastate.edu
 Elaine Lambert, M.Ed.  Ewing 391-A  846-4329  elambert@deltastate.edu
 Levenia Maxwell-Barnes, Ed.D.  Ewing 387  846-4385  lbarnes@deltastate.edu
 Anjanette Powers, Ed. S.  Ewing 382  846-4377  apowers@deltastate.edu
 Angela Bridges, Ed.D.  Ewing 376  846-4380  abridges@deltastate.edu
 Corlis Snow, Ed.D  Ewing 381  846-4398  csnow@deltastate.edu
 Dianne Thomas, Ed.D.  Ewing 368  846-4381  dthomas@deltastate.edu