Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts

The alternate route program takes approximately 13 months to complete and leads to a master’s degree in teaching and Mississippi AA licensure.

The program runs from summer to summer and has two emphasis areas available, elementary education and secondary education


The MAT program is designed for those without a teaching degree who want to become teachers.

Applications will be accepted February 1 through April 30 (must include passing Praxis scores).

Minimum Admission Requirements (required by the Mississippi Department of Education)

  • •  Bachelor’s degree from a regionally/nationally accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA
  • •  Passing score on both the Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) examination and the appropriate Praxis II

Additional Requirements

  • minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on the last degree earned
  • obtain admission to Delta State’s Graduate School
  • submit the MAT Portfolio to the coordinator, which includes three reference letters and an essay
  • secure a teaching position for the fall and spring semesters, matching the Praxis II content area passed or any endorsement on your 3-year license

Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE)













There are four programs of study to choose from, elementary track (33 hours), secondary track (30 hours), special education track (33 hours), and non-licensure track (30 hours).  All provide specialized knowledge for teaching areas.

Praxis II Test

Praxis II scores will be used for admission into the program. The Praxis may also be taken/passed to teach a content area for which a degree was not earned.

List of Approved Praxis II Exams for MAT (Revised August 2010)

Subject — Praxis II Test Code

Art — 0134 or 5134

Biology — 0235 or 5235

Business — 0101 or 5101

Chemistry — 0245 or 5245

Elementary Education (4-6) — 5018

English — 5038

French — 5174

German — 5183

Home Economics — 0121 or 5121

Marketing — 0561

Math — 5161

Music — 5113

Physical Education — 0091 or 5091

Physics — 0265 or 5265

Social Studies — 0081 or 5081

Spanish — 5195

Speech Communications — 0221 or 5221

These resources provide further information on the Praxis exams:

Why is the GPA so important?
It is one indication of content knowledge.

How many hours does the MAT program require?
Secondary Track = 30 Hour

Elementary Track = 33 hours

Additional Questions? Contact:

Dr. Tom J.P. Brady, MAT Program Coordinator                                                                                                                                      662-846-4370