Frequently Asked Questions


v      How will I know what to take and in what order?

 A current Delta State University Bulletin (catalog) should be the first thing that a prospective or new student reads.  This   bulletin will have information not only about the Elementary Education Program, but also about the university as a whole. The Bulletin is available online at In addition to the catalog, students should obtain a copy of the “Course of Study for BSE Degree in Elementary Education” from the Office of Teacher Education. Contact information is provided on the back of the brochure.  Transfer students must obtain a transcript evaluation for elementary education from the Office of the Registrar.

 v      What are concentration courses?

Students must obtain 18 or more hours in two of the following areas. Obtaining 21 hours of C or better leads to a supplemental endorsement.

ü       Art Education

ü       English

ü       Foreign Language

ü       Physical Education

ü       Mathematics

ü       Music Education

ü       General Science

ü       Social Studies

ü       Foreign Language (one language)

ü       Special Education

ü       Math/Computers

ü       Science/Computers

 The following require a specified program for supplemental add-on endorsement.

·         Special Education

·         Reading

v      Who should I contact when I have questions?

 Each student in elementary education who is admitted to Delta State University will be assigned an advisor.   Advisee assignments can be obtained by checking with the secretary in Ewing 390.  All elementary education advisors have offices on the third floor of Ewing where students will find posted charts of office hours, phone numbers, and class schedules.  To schedule a conference with an advisor, contact him or her or leave a message on the office door.  All advisors also have e-mail addresses.  Students must schedule an appointment with their advisors to register or pre-register.  Advisors are also more than willing to address students’ concerns.

v      What is required to be admitted to Teacher Education?

Actual admission cannot be obtained until the junior year.  Admission requirements include passage of PRAXIS I, having a 2.5 GPA on courses designated as General Education on the “Course of Study” sheet, and being recommended by the faculty in Elementary Education.

  • Your advisor can address further questions about PRAXIS tests.