Bachelor of Science of Education with Concentration in Physical Education




The undergraduate and graduate programs in physical education prepare professionals to develop, teach and promote fitness and wellness programs that enhance the quality of life at every age. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students gain the skills necessary to work with individuals and diverse groups in a variety of settings that includes schools, community health centers, hospitals, recreation centers, and workplace environments.

  • Students learn to use exercise, sport, games, recreation and dance to develop instructionally and developmentally appropriate programs for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. These programs foster a healthy lifestyle and encourage the development of self-esteem and multicultural awareness.
  • The division also offers programs in exercise science and athletic training that emphasize the role of physical activity for athletic performance, disease prevention, and rehabilitation.
  • The division offers undergraduate and graduate degrees leading to a Mississippi State teaching certification. The division also offers dual certification in health and physical education.
  • Students may also choose to minor in health, sport management, exercise science, recreation or physical education. Each minor requires 18-21 credits in a specific area of study determined in conjunction with the adviser.


  • Students are encouraged to join the Physical Education Majors Club during their first semester and to take advantage of membership in state, regional, and national health and physical education-related academic and advocacy association.


Program of Study

4 year Plan  Block Schedule