Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science


HPER majors with a concentration in exercise science are provided with knowledge on disciplines including biomechanics, sports nutrition, sport psychology, motor control/development, and exercise physiology. Students will become skilled in evaluating healthy behaviors and risk factors. Knowledge on fitness assessments, exercise prescriptions, and motivation for healthy lifestyles is offered through the program.

Courses for a Bachelor of Science in HPER with a concentration in Exercise Science include the general requirements, major core courses, and specialized training in Exercise Science.
Career Opportunities
Exercise Science professionals work in a wide variety of settings, including corporate, clinical, community, and commercial fitness centers. Exercise Science majors work with both healthy and unhealthy populations, leading and demonstrating individuals in safe and effective methods of exercise. Assessing risk factors and indentifying health statuses are also duties of this profession.

Mary L Jones, PhD
Division Chair and Associate Professor
FE Wyatt 102

John Alvarez, PhD
Associate Professor, Exercise Science

Timothy Colbert, MS, ATC, LAT
Instructor, HPER