Welcome to the Psychology Program

The Psychology Program at Delta State University offers a B.A. in Psychology with a strong emphasis on the development of research, analytical, and communication skills. In addition to this, a diverse range of course offerings are available in areas such as: Learning and Cognition, Developmental Psychology, Social Cognition, Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Human Factors Engineering, Biological Psychology, Sensation & Perception, Personality, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Educational Psychology. Please print our Psychology Program Brochure.

The Psychology Program serves over 80 undergraduate majors. Faculty and students in Psychology are involved in a wide range of both theoretical and applied research covering such topics as: social cognition, eyewitness memory, teaching and learning, text comprehension, unconscious priming, biological psychology, and educational psychology.

Most undergraduates find psychology to be an interesting course. We like to believe that the lucky ones choose psychology as a major. The size of our program allows us to focus our resources almost entirely on undergraduates. We have three main goals: 1) preparing our students for further study at the graduate and professional levels; 2) preparing our students for post baccalaureate careers; and 3) making the undergraduate experience as interesting and as engaging as possible. The following information will tell you about us and some of our recent activities with students.

The Interpersonal Experience
Students and faculty engage in numerous meaningful interactions through classes, research, and advising. Students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to have personal and professional planning conferences with faculty. Outside of the classroom, we sponsor two major student organizations. Psychology majors and non-majors can immediately join the Psychology Club, which works closely with Psi Chi, the National Honorary Society sponsored by the American Psychology Association. The Psychology Club and Psi Chi organizations are faculty-mentored, student-driven ways we coordinate activities for undergraduates. These may include social events, but they also include the other important professional experiences described next.

Undergraduate Professional Experiences
Students have taken field trips to mental health hospitals (Whitfield), correctional institutions (Parchman), and mental retardation centers (Oxford and Whitfield). Advanced students may have the opportunity to work with other students on such problems as test anxiety and academic stressors. Our undergraduates also attend and present research papers at psychology conferences around the United States.

Undergraduate Research Experience
Delta State students are offered a rare and unique opportunity to engage in faculty-mentored undergraduate research. Over the years, our students have completed and presented a large amount of research projects on various topics (operant control of behavior, alcoholism, voluntary control of heart rate, physiological training of electromyographic responses, personality, social cognition, eyewitness memory, distinctive memories, computer-assisted instruction, choice making, drug abuse, and critical thinking). Students have presented research papers at the Southeastern and Southwestern Psychological Associations, Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Mid-South Psychology Conference, Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior, and the Mid-South Educational Research Association. These conferences involve travel to locations such as New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, Orlando, Washington, DC, Boston, San Antonio, Memphis, Nashville, Biloxi, Jackson, and Tupelo.

Graduate School & Post Baccalaureate Career Preparation
Extensive training is available to prepare for the Graduate Record Examination, which is required by the majority of accredited graduate programs. In combination with the professional and research experience that students gain at Delta State, this preparation has enabled our students to gain admission to major graduate programs including the Universities of Memphis, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, Alabama, St. Louis, Southern Illinois, South Florida, North Texas State, Texas Women’s, Middle Tennessee State, and the California Professional School of Psychology. Many others have found excellent careers in other professions after fulfilling the rigorous requirements for our baccalaureate degree. We encourage you to join us and our psychology alumni in this interesting and rewarding adventure!



For more information, contact Dr. Temika Simmons