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Join In. Stand Out! The Invitational Summer Institute for Teachers provides resources, best practice strategies, and writing approaches to enhance student learning.
What will you learn?
  • Writer voice
  • Classroom trust and control balance
  • New strategies in a risk free environment
  • Articulate writing across the curriculum
  • Writing practice from theory
  • Reading/writing connection and more!
Become a Fellow of the DAWP
  • Become teacher consultants who lead other teachers in staff development sessions
  • Partner with experiences teachers of writing for intensive coaching
  • Participate in workshops for exposure to current literature and authentic research
  • Develop personal and professional writing pieces
  • Hands-on experiences with research-based teaching strategies
Apply for the Summer Institute applyform
Submit the following information:

  • Application form
  • Letter stating qualifications to be a fellow
  • Letter of recommendation from an administrator
  • Letter of recommendation form a fellow teacher

Site leaders will conduct interviews with each applicant. In order to help improve instruction, develop a question that you would like to investigate around one of your best classroom practices. Bring this question to the interview.

Contact/Application Submission
Ginger Worthington, Director
Delta Area Writing Project
DSU Box 3333, 1003 W. Sunflower Rd., Cleveland, MS 38733
Phone: 662.846.4384
Fax: 662.846.4402
Cell: 662-588-6942