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Rural Voices Radio is a parnership with Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Listeners may tune in to any of Mississippi’s eigh public radio stations daily at 3:28 p.m. to hear stories of home, place, and Mississippi. The unique stories are shared through voices of Mississippi students and teachers and follow the model for radio publication established by the National Writing Project.

The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute and Mississippi Public Broadcasting continue to pioneer collaborative real-world connections among diverse students, cross-curricular subjects, educators, parents, business, and technology.

Be Broadcasted!

In partnership with the Delta Music Institute, the DAWP accepts students’ writing pieces to be recorded on air. Five to six times each year, master-teachers gather to read and review student writings to be broadcasted. All students who submit their writing receive thoughtful, specific responses after review. Those selected for recording receive coaching and rehearsal time to prepare for the publishing opportunity.

Instructions & Guidelines
Writing pieces may be about places, people, events, stories, or issues related to living in Mississippi. Students may submit more than one piece of writing.

Reviewers are looking for:

  • Range of writing genres
  • Pieces by students in K-12
  • Gender and ethnicity diversity
  • Inclusion of second language learners and indigenous/native voices
  • Excellent writing
  • Strong emphasis is placed on content development while there is less emphasis on mechanics (writing will be read for the purpose of recording for radio rather than evaluated for skill in use of conventions)
  • Strong voice and presence in the writing
  • When read aloud, the piece is approximately 1 minute 30 seconds in length

Listen to examples of previous recordings or past shows in the Rural Voices Radio Archives.

Submitting Writing

  • 1 copy of each piece (written in black ink or typed)
  • Handwritten or printed on one side only
  • 300-word limit (piece is approximately 1 minute 30 seconds in length)
  • Student and teacher’s name on each page
  • Name of school on each page
  • Cover sheet attached to EACH copy. Include student’s name and parent’s phone numbers (cell) on cover sheet.
  • Attach permission slip to submission or make sure to bring permission slip at the time of recording.
    Note: Please keep a copy of the completed packet for your records.



Cover Sheet form

Consent & Release Formform