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  • Tailored Staff Development
Delta Area Writing Project is prepared to work with area school districts to design unique programs to meet specific needs. Leadership teams from DAWP can meet with administrators and leadership teams of teachers to determine content needs, delivery strategies, and scheduling. Tailored staff development provides districts with the necessary tools to meet the increasing demands of MCT2, Subject Area Testing Programs, AYP, and No Child Left Behind mandates. National Writing Project and DAWP resources are made available to schools through tailored programs.
  • Classroom Demonstrations with Debriefing

Teacher-consultants present process-based lessons in teachers’ classrooms, aligned with state and district standards. Small groups of teachers are debriefed on the strategies used in the demonstrations. Classroom demonstrations have been so successful that schools are now requesting scheduled classroom demonstrations as an integral part of their professional development programs.

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  • Teacher Research
Teacher Inquiry or research groups operate at DAWP to develop leadership and resources for teacher inquiry. Delta Area Writing Project is a member of the Teacher Inquiry Network, a special focused network of the National Writing Project (NWP). The NWP’s Teacher Inquiry Network provides support at various stages of the inquiry process, increases the opportunity for sustained dialogue among sites developing teacher research.
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  • Classroom Observations with Individual Teacher Mentoring
DAWP staff collaborate with school staff to conduct classroom observations followed by individual teacher mentoring sessions. These sessions are designed to support teachers as they implement reading and writing based instructional strategies in their classrooms.

These sessions also support teachers as they implement rigorous instructional strategies aligned with Mississippi curriculum frameworks and work to prepare students for Mississippi assessments.

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  • Book Studies
DAWP staff assist school faculties in choosing relevant reading material for a year-long book study. During regularly scheduled "book club" style meetings, DAWP staff facilitate discussions of the reading and when appropriate, model strategies for classroom implementation. Often book study sessions are held during teachers’ planning times so that this program does not interfere with daily instructional time. CEUs are available.
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  • Reading in the Content Areas

This three-day workshop series is based upon the principles of situated learning, preparing teachers to implement authentic learning experiences in their classrooms. Additional support is provided for teachers by regularly scheduled classroom demonstrations with debriefing and study groups.

Topics include:

– iterature circles
– inquiry based instruction
– research
– authentic learning aligned with state and national standards

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  • Writing for Excellence

Writing for Excellence is a twelve day program that supports teachers as they prepare students to take the Mississippi Writing Assessment. This program supports teachers with a four-pronged approach:

– Workshops
– Lesson Plans
– Classroom Demonstrations
– Focused Study Group Sessions

Research shows that teachers who implement strategies from writing-based professional development experience an increase in student writing scores on the Mississippi Writing Assessment.

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