Delta Education Initiative


Delta Council 2001 Annual Meeting

Honor Graduates and Scholarship Recipients Reception

The Honorable Amy Tuck, Mississippi Lieutenant Governor

Participants at the Reception

Dr. Sue Jolly with Lt. Governor Amy Tuck



The Delta Education Initiative is a continuation grant awarded from the U.S. Department of Education for the improvement of education in the Delta. The Initiative is comprised of four components. The Undergraduate Scholarship Program and the Mississippi Superintendent’s Academy are managed by the Delta Area Association for the Improvement of Schools. The School Leadership Program is managed by the Division of Curriculum, Instruction, Leadership and Research. The Technology Program is managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning.


The goal of the Undergraduate Scholarship Program is to recruit students into teacher education at Delta State University who will then teach in the schools of the Delta region.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. High school seniors must have a minimum of 18 on the ACT and acceptable scores on the PRAXIS:PPST.
2. Transfer students must have a 2.5 GPA on all transfer work and acceptable scores on the PRAXIS: PPST.
3. Students must maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA each semester to remain on scholarship. Students who fail to meet GPA requirements will no longer receive scholarships and the scholarship will become a loan with payback requirements.

Forgiveness and Repayment

  1. Students must sign a contract stating that they agree to teach in school districts in Mississippi that are members of the Delta Area Association for the Improvement of Schools (DAAIS) for three consecutive years upon graduation from Delta State University.
  2. Students failing to meet employment requirements will be required to pay back scholarship monies as specified by the University.

DAAIS Member Schools

Benoit School District
Carroll County School District
Clarksdale School District
Cleveland School District
Coahoma County Agricultural High School
Coahoma County School District
Desoto County School District
Drew School District
East Tallahatchie School District
Greenville School District
Greenwood School District
Grenada School District
Hollandale School District
Holmes County School District
Humphreys County School District
Indianola School District
Leflore County School District
Leland School District
Madison County School District
Mound Bayou School District
North Bolivar School District
Quitman County School District
Shaw School District
South Delta School District
South Panola School District
St. Joseph School System
Sunflower County School District
Tunica County School District
West Bolivar County School District
Western Line School District
West Tallahatchie School District
Vicksburg Warren School District
Winona School District
Yazoo City School District
Yazoo County School District


The goal of the Mississippi Superintendent’s Academy is to provide effective leaders skilled in district-wide processes that foster excellence in Delta Area school districts. The Academy is a structured program dedicated to the development of aspiring superintendents.

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The goal of the School Leadership Program is to develop instructional leadership skills and behaviors of future administrators. The instructional process is to prepare cohorts of teachers to become administrators through intensive field-based experiences and rigorous academic classes. The program requires an intensive fourteen months and a full-time commitment by each participant to the program.

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The goal of the Technology Program is to create a resource-rich culture of learning with full staff capabilities to support computer-based applications in classrooms and faculty offices. The process is to provide on-going, on-site, just-in-time training and technical support for faculty and students.

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