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International Programs

The Magellan Exchange

Participating in a student exchange program is the ideal way to learn about another culture and country. The future requires global knowledge and being at ease in other cultures, and studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to develop these skills. You will be fully immersed in the educational and social life of your host country and have experiences you could never have any other way! The Magellan Exchange provides an opportunity for students to study and take part in an internship (in some cases) in another country at an affordable cost.

Business Abroad

Business Abroad provides short term study abroad experiences that allow students to better understand the impact of culture on business. These courses involve a two week trip that allows students who work or have families to participate in an international experience without having to be out of the country for an extended period.

International Students

The College of Business hosts many international students each year. International students are welcomed in both undergraduate and graduate programs as full-time or exchange students.