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Flight Operations majors admitted to Delta State University prior to 08/01/2009 may receive credit for flight certificates and ratings up to but not including Certified Flight and Instrument Instructor. If a flight student wishes to receive a grade for flight certificates and ratings, that student must enroll in the appropriate ground and flight course and take and pass an Oral and Flight Test to FAA practical test standards (PTS) within the first two weeks of enrolling at DSU, at the student’s expense.

Flight Operations majors admitted to Delta State University after 08/01/2009 may receive credit or grades for Private Pilot only as per the guidelines stated above. Flight Operations majors wishing to transfer FAA certificates/ratings beyond the Private Pilot will be coded as an Aviation Management major rather than Flight Operations major.

Students who enroll to Delta State’s Flight Operations program with incomplete training for certificates or ratings must meet with the Chief Instructor for evaluation of their training records. The Chief Instructor is responsible for evaluating the student and deciding where in the appropriate flight syllabus the student will start their training. Any credit given for flight hours and previous training is the responsibility of Chief Instructor and will be based on the appropriate FAA regulation.

After a student has enrolled in Delta State University’s Flight Operations program, flight time, certificates, and/or ratings earned elsewhere cannot be used to satisfy requirements for a Flight Operations degree.

  • CAV 250: Private Pilot Ground — 5 Credit Hours
  • CAV 251: Private Pilot Flight — 3 Credit Hours

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