Graduate Marketing Courses



MKT 525. SERVICES MARKETING.  A study of the unique problems associated with the marketing of services, tools for service markets, and of alternative strategies with which to improve service marketing effectiveness. (3 hours credit)

MKT 540. SPORTS MARKETING.  Application of marketing principles and processes to sport products, and/or sporting events, and to the marketing of non-sports products through association with sports. (3 hours credit)

MKT 580. BUSINESS COUNSELING.  Consulting with owners of small business in areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing; student, under supervision of a faculty member, may work as a member of a team or individually.  (3 hours credit)

MKT 600. STRATEGIC MARKETING. Analytical approach to strategy formulation as it relates to marketing management and decision-making activities of business enterprises. Emphasis on product, price, distribution, promotional activities, and research approaches to improve marketing practice. (3 hours credit)

MKT 601. APPLIED DECISION SCIENCE. An MBA core course designed to help students understand and apply management science and statistical models in a dynamic, competitive decision making environment using microcomputer technology. Emphasis is on the use of information technology and formal models in support of managerial decision making. Models are developed and used in the functional areas of marketing, production and finance. These models are based upon principles from microeconomics, accounting/finance/control, operations, marketing and strategic planning/business policy. Prerequisites: MGT 555 or equivalent. (3 hours credit)

MKT 615. RESEARCH METHODS. Study of research process to include problem formulation, information sources, research design, design of data collection forms, sampling, data collection, analysis and interpretation of data, report writing and presentation of findings. (3 hours credit)

MKT 620. ADVANCED CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. An analysis of Macro and Micro consumer behavior. Particular emphasis is placed on the consumer decision process in the market place. (3 hours credit)

MKT 690. MARKETING SPECIAL PROBLEMS. Individual study to involve an in depth analysis of the written report on a particular area of marketing selected to meet the needs and interest of each individual student. Prerequisite: MKT 600 or consent of the Division Chair. (1 to 6 hours credit)