Graduate Economics Courses 



ECO 507. U.S. ECONOMIC HISTORY.  Economic development of the United States with emphasis on agriculture and the rise of modern business.  (3 hours credit)  

ECO 560. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Analysis of economic factors related to economic development at the local, regional, state, national, and international levels. (3 hours credit)

ECO 611. INTERMEDIATE MICROECONOMIC THEORY. Nature and functions of prices in our economy. Emphasis on theory of competition. (3 hours credit)

ECO 612. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS. Application of micro- and macro-economic theory to managerial policy decisions. Use of tools of economic analysis in optimizing the allocation of resources available to a firm. (3 hours credit)

ECO 623. PUBLIC FINANCE. Federal budgeting practices and policies, intergovernmental fiscal relations, cost-benefit studies, economics of state and local governments. (3 hours credit)

ECO 690. SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN ECONOMICS.  Guided research of an important economic problem selected to meet the student’s academic needs and professional interest. A written report is required. Prerequisite: ECO 612, approval of Division Chair. (1 to 6 hours credit) 

ECO 625. HEALTH CARE ECONOMICS.  This course studies the demand and supply for health care and the allocation of health care resources. (3 hours credit)

ECO 550. INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND FINANCE.  Analysis of international trade, finance, and commercial policy. (3 hours credit) 

ECO 650. MANAGING IN A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT.  An analysis of the global environment and its implications for managerial decision-making with an emphasis on gaining an understanding of the factors that lead to changes in the pattern of world production and trade, technology, the political-legal environment, exchange rates and trade policy; analyzing problems in a global sense. (3 hours credit) 

ECO 652. BUSINESS CONDITIONS ANALYSIS.  The macroeconomic environment in which business firms must operate and foundations of governmental policy; t he interpretation of economic trends and forecasting business conditions. (3 hours credit)