Graduate Computer Information Systems Courses 




CIS 550. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.  Systems development life cycle in a database environment; application programming and development with relational database management systems; client/server technology.  Prerequisite:  300-level programming course.  (3 hours credit)

CIS 551. PROGRAMMING PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Application of system development concepts, principles, and practices to a comprehensive system development project; team project involving analysis, design, development, implementation, and formal presentation to end user.  Prerequisites:  CIS 331 and 400-level programming course.  (3 hours credit)

CIS 555. DATABASE PROJECT.  Discussion and application of microcomputer database management systems; system development projects using database management and other software packages.  Prerequisite:  CIS 335. (3 hours credit)

CIS 560. DATA COMMUNICATIONS. Overview of the technology of data communications; discussion and application of data communications topics, including physical characteristics, hardware, software, local area networks, and management issues.  Prerequisite: 300-level programming course.   (3 hours credit)

CIS 565. LOCAL AREA NETWORKS.  Concepts and applications of local area networks (LANs); emphasis on installation, operation, and management of commonly-used LAN systems.  Prerequisite:  CIS 331 or 335. (3 hours credit)

CIS 592. SPECIAL TOPICS IN COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS.  Current developments in Computer Information Systems.  Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor.  (1 to 6 hours credit)

CIS 595. SOFTWARE TOPICS.  Selected topics relating to the development, use, or implementation of computing software.  Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor.  (1 to 3 hours credit)

CIS 600. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS.  The role of computers and communications technology as resources in the managerial planning and control process including personal, workgroup, and organizational information systems; TPS, MIS, and DSS; productivity software.  (3 hours credit)

CIS 601. APPLIED DECISION SCIENCE.  An MBA core course designed to help students understand and apply management science and statistical models in a dynamic, competitive decision making environment using microcomputer technology.  Emphasis is on the use of information technology and formal models in support of managerial decision making. Models are developed and used in the functional areas of marketing, production and finance. These models are based upon principles from microeconomics, accounting/finance/control, operations, marketing and strategic planning/business policy. Prerequisites: MGT 555 or equivalent. (3 hours credit)

CIS 605. END-USER SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT. Developing software systems which can be used, tailored, and modified by end users; developing decision support systems; advanced techniques in microcomputer-based application soft-ware. (3 hours credit)

CIS 615. MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS.  Using multimedia technology and techniques for more effective presentations and organizational communication; computer mediated research and communication via the Internet. (3 hours credit)

CIS 655. INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT. Comprehensive information system development project, including evaluation of alternatives and design, development, and implementation of systems software. (3 hours credit)

CIS 690. SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN COMPUTER APPLICATIONS.  Guided individual study in a computer applications area selected to meet the particular needs and interests of the student. Approval of Division Chair. (1 to 6 hours credit)