Graduate Commercial Aviation Courses 



CAV 592. SPECIAL TOPICS IN COMMERCIAL AVIATION.  Current developments in Commercial Aviation.  1 to 6 hours credit.  (Fall only). 

CAV 605. METHODS OF RESEARCH AND STATISTICS.  Development of library skills, analysis of types of research, investigation of research design, introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. 3 hours credit.  (Fall only). 

CAV 610. ADVANCED HUMAN FACTORS IN AVIATION AND THE AERO-SPACE INDUSTRY.   The study of individual and group behavior and interaction in the aviation and aerospace industry. 3 hours credit.  (Fall only). 

CAV 620. AIRLINE MANAGEMENT.  The study and research of principles and practices in airline management in a post de-regulation environment.  3 hours credit.  (Spring only). 

CAV 630. AVIATION’S REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT.  Examination of federal, state, local, industry, and self-imposed regulations pertaining to the operation of general and commercial aviation.  3 hours credit.   (Spring and Summer II). 

CAV 640. AIRPORT PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND OPERATION.  Study of processes used in planning and design, development, operation, and funding of multiple classifications of airports. The relationship and interaction between owners, management, and tenants. Security, emergency services, and environmental concerns in daily operations.  3 hours credit  (Spring only). 

CAV 660. ADVANCED AVIATION SAFETY.  Safety considerations in the design and operation of aircraft and airports. The safety record of the aerospace industry, and the industry’s response to public opinion. Understanding the cost of safety.  3 hours credit.  (Fall and Summer II). 

CAV 670. AIR CARGO AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT.  Business practices of air cargo carriers and shippers, including economic and marketing aspects.  3 hours credit  (Summer I only). 

CAV 680. ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS.  A study of surface and air transportation modes and how they interact to enhance economic growth world-wide.  3 hours credit  (Summer I only).

CAV 690. SPECIAL TOPICS IN AVIATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.  The election to perform a special, directed analysis and/or independent study in an area of particular interest. (3 hours credit). 

CAV 698. INTERNSHIP.  Supervised internship with an aviation/aerospace industry company, association or government agency. (3 to 6 hours credit). 

CAV 650. FIXED BASE OPERATIONS.  Examination of the aviation and nonaviation skills required for the successful operation of a fixed base operation in today’s aviation environment.  3 hours credit.  (Fall only).