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Social Work Introduction

As one of the helping professions, social work focuses upon working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in order to assist them in functioning better in their social environments.  In working with people, social workers apply knowledge from the social work courses and from experience.  Qualities required in persons who consider careers in social work include flexibility, concern for people, patience, ability to express ideas, resourcefulness, and emotional and physical energy.  Career opportunities for social workers are available in hospitals, home health agencies, hospice agencies, nursing homes, schools, community action agencies, correctional agencies, programs for the aging, recreation programs, mental health centers, mental retardation centers, juvenile courts, child welfare agencies, and others.

At Delta State University, students interested in social work may work toward a Bachelor of Social Work degree, which is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  The general education requirements and foundation requirements provide the broad liberal arts base, with emphasis on the social and behavioral sciences, which is a necessary foundation for the professional social work courses.  A major part of the required social work courses is the field experience of approximately 440 contact hours in a social welfare agency.  In addition to preparing students for the professional practice of social work following graduation, the social work program also provides appropriate preparation for responsible citizenship and for graduate study in social work or in related fields.  Since students graduate with a liberal arts background as well as a professional degree, they are eligible also for employment requiring a liberal arts degree.  Additional information is included in the Delta State University Catalog, which is provided by the Admissions office.   For more information, please contact Lisa Moon, Chair and Associate Professor of Social Work at 1-662-846-4407. 

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