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Social Work Clubs and Organizations




The Social Work Club at Delta State gives students an opportunity to challenge and implement those philosophies and values taught and learned within the classroom.  It is an outlet for growth and service and supports the students in their understanding of relationships among individuals, families, groups, and communities.  The club encourages students and faculty to become acquainted with each other outside the classroom. 

Students participate in such activities as seminars/forums and field trips, as well as fund-raising, to expand their knowledge about the processes of their profession.  They also have the opportunity to participate in the process of changes made in the Social Work Program.  The social work club officers also serve on different department committees.  All social work majors are eligible for membership in the social work club.





The Eta Xi Chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society, a national honor society in social work, was chartered on the Delta campus in 1998.  The purpose of the society is to advance excellence in social work practice and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship, particularly in social work.  To be considered for membership a student must: 


A.           Declare social work as a major.

B.           Achieved sophomore status.

C.           Have earned a minimum of 15 semester hours of credit in social work classes

          at Delta State University

D.           Achieved an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0) scale. 

E.            Have achieved an overall grade point average of at least 3.25 in required

          social work courses OR

F.            Be a faculty member of the Social Work Program at Delta State University


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