Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a combination of the best from the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences traditions.  Students receive a strong foundation in the subdisciplines, from political philosophy and theory, through American institutions and across comparative politics and international relations, as well as in several methodologies.

Because of our small class sizes, instructors are able to work closely with students, cultivating relationships that lead to valuable experiences in and beyond the classroom.  Collaboration in undergraduate research projects is encouraged, including the presentation of papers at professional conferences. We also offer travel-to-learn opportunities, including both domestic and international destinations.

Political Science students have a tradition of earning fellowships in Washington, DC, and scholarships in law schools and graduate programs, as well as opportunities in as well as service in Americorps.  Please consult the information contained in “Careers for Graduates,” “Contacts for Careers” and “Foreign Affairs Positions,” all of which appear are linked on this page.

Our program has been instrumental in preparing students for post-graduate work in law school, graduate school, service government at the  state, local and national levels, and careers in the private sector.

If you are considering a life in the law, a career in government, in the private sector, or in non-governmental agencies, please contact one of our colleagues listed on this page.  The B.A. in Political Science is one of the best gateway degrees to post-graduate opportunities.  We will be happy to chat with you about your future and the program of study in Political Science.

The following are the required courses for the major:

PSC 103: Introduction to Political Science
PSC 201: American National Government
PSC 302: Politics of Globalization
PSC 360: Comparative Politics
PSC 370: International Politics
PSC 406: State and Local Politics
PSC 431: Classical to Medieval Political Philosophy
PSC 432: Renaissance to Modern Political Theory
PSC 441: American Constitutional Theory

In addition, majors choose six elective courses and must complete SSC 469: Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences and SSC 470: Methods of Social Research.  Remaining courses must be satisfied in Special Degree Requirements that are listed on the “Political Science Check Sheet” linked to this page. Please contact Professor Garry Jennings for additional information at 662-846-4087.


Prof. Garry Jennings
 The Madison Center
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Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart
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Mrs. Arlene Sanders 
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