Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Division of Social Sciences offers ten degree programs; five at the undergraduate level and five at the graduate level. These programs offer students solid opportunities for cultural and professional development for careers in teaching, Social Justice and Criminology, or one of the subfields of Social Science, or preparation for graduate or professional study. It also aims to serve students majoring in other academic areas by introducing them to the various areas of Social Sciences and History.  

The Division offers degrees in Social Sciences toward the Bachelor of Science in Education degree, a major in History leaing to the Bachelor of Arts degree, a major in Political Science leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, and a major in Social Justice and Criminology may be earned in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree. 

The Bachelor of Science in Social Science is available with a major in Social Sciences and concentrations in Geography, Political Science, and Sociology. Minor fields of study offered in the Division are Social Justice and Criminology, Forensic Science, Geography, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Pre-law,Sociology, and History.   

The Bachelor of Science in Social Justice and Criminology degree is for the student interested in the professions of law enforcement, corrections, or juvenile justice. 

Because a broad background is recommended for those preparing for law school, students planning to enter the legal profession can consider either the Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree.  



B.A. Political Science

B.S. Social Justice & Criminology

B.S. Social Science

B.S. Social Science Education