What Social Scientists Study

  1. Social scienctists study a wide range of problems in content areas involving politics, law, geography, and society broadly defined.  Study in these areas involves institutions, their structures, how they affect human behavior, and how they are affected by human behavior
  2. Social Scientists uncover fascinating insights and diverse theoretical perspectives to help to interpret, explain and understand a wide range of social, political and environmental issues.  Social scientists also investigate phenomena in the  criminal justice system and in community and economic development processes. 
  3. Political Science students study governments, public policies, and the political process, systems and the political behaviors in these institutions.  Political Scientists are also deeply involved in explaining the attitudes and behaviors ideas that undergird human action.  This also requires the careful study of political philosophy and theory.  
  4. Geographers in particular are concerned with the physical earth and its features and patters, and spatio-social relationships.  
  5. In general, social science students gain an appreciation for the intellectual, historical and political accomplishments of humankind.