Division of Social Sciences and History Alumni: Stories of Success

Emanuel-EdmondEmanuel Edmond, BA,BS, CEcD, MS

Manager-States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP)

MSCD graduate of Division of Social Sciences and History, Delta State University

Emanuel Edmond, a 2008 graduate has held several positions and received many promotions in his short career; something he directly attributes to his training and mentorship received in the MSCD program at Delta State University.  A native and resident of Greenville, MS, he is a sought after speaker on Economic Development, Health and Health Information Technology related issues. He has co-authored numerous publications, the most recent being, “A Church-based Dietary Intervention for Rural, Lower Mississippi Delta, African American Adults: Delta Body and Soul Pilot Study,” for the Journal of Rural Health.  Until September of 2012, Emanuel served as Coordinator of Health Information Technology (HIT) and Special Grants for the Delta Health Alliance, in Stoneville, MS. He coordinated efforts for all Health Technology programs, at the DHA, and assisted the program Director with day-to-day operations of HIT and Special Grants programs. Emanuel is currently employed with the Delta Regional Authority (DRA), a federal economic development agency, with headquarters in Clarksdale, MS. He serves as Manager of the largest funding mechanism, of the DRA, the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP). He is responsible for all administrative aspects of the SEDAP, in addition to the direct supervision of over 500 investment-projects located across DRA’s eight (8) state service region.

SAMSUNGEric Atchison, BA, MS, M.Ed

Institutional Research Analyst at Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning

MSCD graduate of Division of Social Sciences and History, Delta State University

Eric Atchison is the Institutional Research Analyst in the Office of Strategic Data Management for the State Board of Trustees of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and the IPEDS State Coordinator for Mississippi.  Prior to joining the state board, he served as the Research and Information Specialist at Delta State from 2008 to 2012.  Eric is furthering his education and career goals by pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Research at the University of Southern Mississippi and serves as an adjunct instructor of Sociology for Delta State.  He is an active member is numerous state, regional, and national education and research associations and in 2013 was selected to participate as a fellow at the Association for Institutional Research National Data Institute. Eric shared his experieces at Delta state university :

 “The Community Development program at DSU provided me with the knowledge and skills to identify, collect, and analyze data as well as the ability to critically analyze and interpret various projects within social research. These skills have helped me to assist in projects focused on improving the quality of life of Delta residents, survivors of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and currently students enrolled at DSU. I tend to view our campus as a community and have been able to address many of the issues we face using methods learned within the MSCD program. The program has made a huge impact on my views of society and what direction I see myself going in the future.” 

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