Division of Social Sciences and History Alumni: Stories of Success 

JBJohn Bridges BS, MS

MD student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

MSCD graduate of Division of Social Sciences and History, Delta State University

“The completion of the MSCD program helped me to gain a good perspective on how social problems and community development issues impact health care disparities in Mississippi.  The MSCD program gave me a good social science background and lens through which I can better understand medicine and how it affects community.  I also learned important skills in research and evaluation, which I continue to develop here at UMMC.” 


Leonard PhotoSarah Leonard, BA,  MS

Associate Director at the College Board

MSCD graduate of Division of Social Sciences and History, Delta State University

“The skills I developed at Delta State provided me with the necessary tools for conducting community-based research and analysis, enabling me to develop an understanding of the communities in which and with whom I work. Community development has given me a useful framework to apply in various aspects of my life.”


Corbin J. FreresCorbin Freres, BA, MS

J.D. candidate at the College of Law at the University of Illinois

MSCD graduate of Division of Social Sciences and History, Delta State University 

“The MSCD graduate program at Delta State University enabled me to continue my academic career while embarking on my life-changing experiences in the Mississippi Delta through the Americorp-sponsored program, Teach For America. The program provided me with analytical tools to explore the lives of my students and the communities which I served. It also supplied practical skills which I offered to community organizations with which I volunteered. Having matriculated into law school, I utilize the package of knowledge that I gained from the mentorship of my professors at Delta State University to present various perspectives and possible interpretations to legal discussions, which moves conversations toward questioning practical policy implications in communities. Topics from the program continue to emerge in my legal studies: politics, class, and social capital in Federal Income Taxation; sustainability and conservation in Property and Real Estate Finance and Development; race and gender in Constitutional Law; criminality and juvenile delinquency in Criminal Law; and of course writing, oratory, and research throughout the curriculum.” 

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