Division of Social Sciences and History Faculty Directory


  Community Development

Dr. Paulette Ann Meikle: Profile

Dr. Hui Liew: Profile, Website

Dr. Leslie Green-Pimentel: Profile

Dr. Chunhui Ren: Profile

  Geography and Social Science Education

Dr. David Baylis: Profile

 Political Science

Prof. Garry Jennings: Profile, Website

Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart: Profile

Arlene Story Sanders: Profile

 Social Science

 Dr. David Baylis: Profile 

Dr. Hui Liew: Profile, Website

Dr. Paulette Meikle: Profile

Dr. Leslie Green-Pimentel: Profile

Dr. Chunhui Ren: Profile

Social Justice and Criminology

Prof. Garry Jennings: Profile


Dr. Sujung Cho: Profile


 Dr. Hyejin Kim: Profile


Dr. Lauren Norman: Profile



Dr. Brian Becker: Profile

Dr.Thomas Laub: Profile

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Westmoreland: Profile

Adjunct Faculty

Professor Emeriti:

Dr. Jerry Dallas: Profile

Dr. Mark Routman:Profile

Dr. James Robinson:Profile


Instructor of Sociology: Mr. Eric Atchison; Profile

Instructor of Paralegal Studies: Almon Ellis; Profile

Instructor of History: Ms. Michelle Johansen; Profile

Instructor of Sociology: Mr. Matt Jones; Profile

Sociology professor: Dr. Debarashmi Mitra; Profile

Instructor of Paralegal Studies: Genara Morris; Profile


Administrative Assistants

Ms. Valerie Bryant:Profile