Masters of Science in Community Development

Program of Study



The Masters of Science in Community Development is a 36 credit hour program. Each regular course is worth 3 credit hours, and the practicum/thesis is worth 6.  The Degree requirements are as follows:

MSCD Required Courses (21 credit hours)

COD 575:  Sociology of Community

COD 600:  Community Development in Theory and Practice

COD 624:  Leadership Development

COD 680:  Community Development Research Methods

COD 685:  Seminar on Issues in Community Development

COD 698:  Practicum in  Community Development, or

COD 699:  Thesis Research



MSCD Elective Courses (must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours)


COD 521:  Sustainable Development

COD 522:  Environment and Society

COD 526:  The Delta in Global Context

SOC 567:  Sociology of Development

COD 574:  Applied Rural Sociology

COD 580:  Social Organization and Change

COD 585:  Population and Environment    

COD 620:  Community Development and Political Dynamics

COD 630:  Financing Community Development Projects

COD 635:  Community Development Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

COD 640:  Education and Participatory Community Development

COD 670:  Sociology of Rural Poverty


Students may pursue a track of study in either Sustainable Development or Economic Development. These courses count toward elective requirements.



Sustainable Development Track

COD 521  Sustainable Development

COD 522  Environment and Society                 

COD 526  Delta in Global Context                                    

COD 580  Social Organization and Change                       

* Plus the required courses listed above


Economic Development Track*

Required Classes Offered in the College of Business

ECO 560 TBA Economic Development (or equivalent)

ECO 612  Management Economics

ECO 623  Public Finance

ECO 652  Business Conditions Analysis

* Plus the required courses listed above