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Guidelines to a User-friendly Collaborative Pianist

  1. When you have your instructor’s approval, send a completed Recital Request Form online (Please go to the Department of Music website. Click on “Current Students” and find “Recital Request Form.”) and place your musical score and recording (if available) in my box in Zeigel Hall or on the door (Bailey 124), at least 7 weeks prior to Junior/Senior Recitals, at least 4 weeks prior to General Convocation.
  2. It is your responsibility to schedule rehearsals/coaching sessions with me. Sign up for a rehearsal well before your scheduled performance date (at least 8 days before General Convocation, at least 4 weeks before Junior/Senior Recitals. Please refer to Convocation Update and Important Deadlines posted in Bailey Hall.) The sign-up sheet for this is on my studio door, Bailey 124. If you cannot find an agreeable time to rehearse on my schedule, please call (662-846-4122), write a note and leave it in the box on my door, or e-mail me.
  3. Please sign up at least 48 hours in advance of any rehearsal.
  4. Do be conscientious about showing up for scheduled rehearsals. If you miss a rehearsal with no prior notice, nor have an INCREDIBLY good excuse, the rehearsal time will NOT be made up.
  5. You are entitled to the following rehearsal time:
    • General Convocation … up to 1 hour in up to three sessions
    • Junior/Senior Recital … up to 4 hours in up to eight sessions (in a 5-week period)
  6. If you would like to perform with one of the Delta State student pianists, I would be happy to arrange a partner and/or coach you. Please note though, the pianists are INCREDIBLY BUSY and need the music at least 7 weeks in advance of any intended performance (some repertoire requires more time for preparation). If you are interested in performing with a student pianist, please indicate your interest and submit a Recital Request Form to me for approval, at least 7 weeks before Junior/Senior recitals or other intended performance date.

If you have any questions about piano collaboration, please don’t hesitate to ask. I check my mailbox and e-mail as often as possible. If you need to see me in person, please check my posted schedule (Bailey 124) and see me between rehearsals or sign up for a time.

I am looking forward to meeting and performing with you!

Dr. Kumiko Shimizu
Associate Professor of Music
Studio: Bailey Hall 124
Phone: 662-846-4122
E-mail: kshimizu@deltastate.edu