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Choir Auditions and Scholarships

Delta State University Choral Auditions Fall 2014

Delta State University Choral Auditions will be held August 18-20 (Monday-Wednesday) in Bailey Hall, Room 129. An audition is required, but a prepared solo is not necessary. Everyone needs to prepare a portion (16 measures) of the selected piece below.  You will be asked to vocalize, demonstrate sight-reading, and sing a vocal line.

A sign up sheet will be posted on Dr. Cummins office door on Monday, August 11.  Each audition will be 10 minutes.

Selection for audition music:

Audition Music

Download the .pdf as it may not show up when you click the link.


Scholarship Auditions

Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated performance abilities and are available to music majors and non-music majors. Auditions occur on specially designated days during the spring semester.

For a complete listing of audition dates and requirements, click here.