Participant Lesson Plans


Batty, Kensell
Vicksburg Jr. High
7th Mathematics, Pre-Algebra
Every Breath You Take (7th Grade Data Analysis)

Benson, Miranda
E.M. Boyd Elementary 4th or 5th Grade self-contained including Mathematics
Transformations (5th Grade Geometry)
Tackling Transformations (Staff Development Plan)

Brown, LeNell
John F Kennedy High, 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics
Mound Bayou

Clemmons, Danna
Threadgill Elementary    Special Education, all subjects including Mathematics

Cook, Brad
Winona High School Transitions, Algebra 1, Geometry
M&Ms (5th – 8th Grade Statistics)
Using M&Ms to Teach Percents and Circle Graphs (Staff Development Plan)

Davis, Theodore 
Greenwood High School 9-12 Special Education, all subjects including Mathematics

Evans, Patrick*
Hayes Cooper Center 6th Grade Mathematics
Measurement and Conversion (6th Grade — 5-day Unit)

Forte, Reginald
E.M. Boyd Elementary 5th Grade Mathematics and Social Studies
Probability and Combinations (5th Grade Data Analysis and Probability)
Using Pattern Blocks to Teach Math (Staff Development Plan)

Garcia, Mary
Ruleville Elementary 5th Grade Mathematics
Box and Whisker Plot and Stem and Leaf Plot (5th Grade Data Analysis)
Box and Whisker Plots (Staff Development Plan)

Sharon Harris
I.T. Montgomery 3rd Grade self-contained including Mathematics
Mound Bayou
Line Plot and Pie Graph (3rd Grade Data Analysis)
Using Number Cubes to Teach Math (Staff Development Plan)

Liddell, Delecia*
Nailor Elementary 2nd Grade Mathematics
Geometric Shapes (2nd Grade — 5-day Unit)

Lollis-Hawkins, Glenda
Cypress Park Elementary 5th Grade Mathematics
2- and 3-Dimensional Shapes (4th Grade Geometry)
Using Math Card Games to Teach Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes (Staff Development Plan)

Ramsey, LaShara
Lyon Elementary 4th Grade Mathematics
Graphs of Data (5th Grade Data Analysis)
Connecting Mathematics to the Real World (Staff Development Plan)

Sanders, Diana*
John F. Kennedy High 7th Grade Mathematics 8th Grade Pre-Algebra
Mound Bayou                              
Using Number Sense to Integrate Literature (5th Grade — 5-day Unit)

Tucker, Ernestine*
I.T. Montgomery 3rd Grade self-contained including Mathematics
Mound Bayou
Patterns and Place Value (3rd Grade — 5-day Unit)

Young, Angela
Carver Elementary 3rd Grade Mathematics
Measuring Madness (3rd Grade Measurement)
Using Different Colors to Teach Negative and Positive (Staff Development Plan)

Young, Sherry *
Carver Elementary 4th Grade Mathematics
Exploring Geometric Shapes of Tangrams (4th Grade — 5-day Unit)

Zelinski, Brian
Greenwood High School 9th Grade STEM Applications
M&M Probability Bingo (9th Grade Data Analysis and Probability)
Teaching Probability to Students with M&M Probability Bingo (Staff Development Plan)








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